Here Are 8 Simple Steps to Research Efficiently

Research is the foremost step while writing any assignment. This step takes a lot of power and time. Doing a thorough search isn’t a piece of cake. Instead, it’s baking one. Many students lack efficiency in their content due to insufficient research. Knowing everything regarding the subject and understanding the core is essential, which is the research’s significance. If you will not complete this step accurately, your paper is doomed. So, grab a cup of coffee and start browsing.

What is Research?

Research is not about discovering anything, instead, it’s about learning something which already exists. You are finding a new aspect of something that has already been found in the past. Research has infinite scope. With every year, you can twig a unique perspective of a discovered theory. Research moves around finding the infinite perspective of one single subject. For example, when you think about social media – you can research its reach, impact, influence, and many more.

Here are some steps that would help you research efficiently:

1. Find what interests you?

Writing about something that interests you helps to maintain curiosity and enthusiasm. Your first step is to find your interest and form it as your topic. Without a specific topic in hand, you can’t move forward. A particular topic will lead you in the direction to continue your research further. Brainstorm and come forward with 2-3 topics.

2. Confirm your topic

Finalize your topic by further narrowing it down. Make your case more centric now. Research is quite vast. It would help if you made it centric to a specific subject. Discuss the topic with your professors or in the study group. Take the suggestions of your professors and refine your topic now.

3. Plan your method of research

People usually forget this step. Deciding on a method of research is quite essential. Mostly everyone blindly follows the easy way out to browse it. But it would help if you gave a thought. Decide on if your content required qualitative data or quantitate data and start digging for content accordingly.

4. Find your source

The source is one of the crucial parts of the research. It signifies the authenticity of your content. To get reliable data from a credible source, you can take the help of Google scholar or sci-fi. Both the portals will help you signifying the informative content.

5. Get to the past

We are in an era where everything has been done before we think about it. One aspect of research is about reading content discovered in the past. Dig well, as the pages of the history will help you write the pages of the future. Grab all the relevant data that has been written regarding your topic.

6. Make a rough draft

Start penning down your content. The train thoughts should be poured out on the paper, so you don’t miss anything. Writing a rough draft will help you later concluding your final draft.

7. Quote authors

Make sure while finalizing your content, you quote the authors. Research partially includes the content of others used by you to present another aspect of the subject. Give credits to authors whom you have borrowed content from. It would help you with plagiarism as well.

8. Cite your source

Plagiarism is the cavity that somehow prevails. To avoid it, you must cite your sources.

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