Apps A Student Must Download

Make your lifestyle effortless with notifications of your mobile apps.

Isn’t downloading just a mobile application simplifies many daily life chores that we put extra effort on. When the solution is just a click away, then why not adopt it. In the year 2021, if we aren’t using technology, then adapting to a new and effortless lifestyle isn’t the adjectives you are looking for. Pandemic has closed so many paths for us to explore; well, technology, on the other hand, has offered some aperture for us to sneak out. I say, grab it capture the world.

Mobile applications have made things more convenient for all; from grocery shopping to phone bills, everything can be done via mobile application. When some clicks make life a Lil easy, then why not?

Some applications are best suited for students, with the hectic schedule and juggling with classes, internships, part-time jobs, and maintaining a social life, with due time for Netflix series. These applications are life saviours; they will keep you on the clock with schedule and offer regular notifications. Your assignments and lectures also turn out to be interesting once you follow along with this blog.

useful apps for student

Here is the list of the applications a student must download:

1. Evernote

This application will sought out your notes. The most crucial course of attending the lectures is to retain something from them. Notes are the only support to back up while you sit again for that essay; you have to write as your next assignment.

You might have seen many notes applications, but Evernote is the best I came across. The USP of this app links all the devices, you can type your notes on mobile during lectures, and while writing that essay, it can be transferred to your laptop. You can also share your notes with friends to cover—up for them; well, the say is true indeed; “ A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

The application is free to download and is available on both iOS and Android.

2. Soundnote

Perfect application for all the sleepy heads in the classroom. Morning lectures are always tough to attend; take aid from Soundnote. It is another best app to signify that you don’t miss anything in the class. If you can’t understand a word while your professor isn’t taking a gasp of breath, this app is your best friend.

It will record all the saying going around and will later provide you a pointer notes of all. So, if your eyes aren’t cooperating with you keeping up with that boring lecture, Soundnote will.

The application costs £4.99 and is available only on iOS (iPad only)

3. Office Lens

Diagrams take longer to draw when you are trying to understand them at the same time. While multitasking, you might miss something in the rush. To have your back, take the help of an Office lens. All you have to do is, capture the image of the diagram on the board. The office lens will provide you the layout. If you take a picture of something at an angle, the app will align and edit the image to appear as though it’s directly in front of you. If you’re ok with this kind of black magic, download it now.

The application is free to download and is viable on both iOS and Android.

4.  Todoist

The application will help you in managing different tasks efficiently with simplicity. You can feature various tasks under another to-do list that suits you. With this app, you can also set reminders and priorities your tasks. You receive the notification of the reminder as per you have added requirements.

The application is free and available for both the user’s iOS and Android.

5. Microsoft Office

The most useful application, well, everyone is aware regarding the magic of Microsoft. Now, it’s available as a mobile app as well. You don’t have to stick to your laptop to edit a minute error; fix it on your mobile until you forgot to save it to the cloud.

The application is accessible to all the user’s iOS and Android without any cost.

Don’t give a second thought; download all the applications and make your regular chores effortless and straightforward. A student must enjoy the present as the future, which everyone predicts, brings a lot to tackle.

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