Are Exams Causing Anxiety?

Tackle it with Assignment Incubator, the best online assignment help

The brain is an essential part of the human body, but we often forget that it’s a body part. Your brain can’t control you; you have to control it. Anxiety is one example of how we let our brain control us.
It is a common disorder faced by numerous students. We all feel nauseous before we enter the examination centre. Increased heart rate and fear of being blank right after you read the question paper is a nightmare. Isn’t it common? But some of us feel more than usual. That’s where you should step to concern and act. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 40 million Americans live with Anxiety Disorder. So, it’s common to feel anxious, but if something is common, is it healthy?

Are Exams causing Anxiety? Tackle it with Assignment Incubator, the best online assignment help

Feeling anxious before exams is typical but while waiting for your exam to start. You suddenly start sweating and trembling; that isn’t usual. Here you seek help. Many of you might not be able to draw this line, so let us understand.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety in the layman language is fear of the expected future. Consider it as the extended version of worry. Whereas, if you worry too much, your body gives you some warning signs. Sweating, trembling, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, restlessness are the way your body warns you to stop. Anxiety disorders differ as per their range. The common fear we face every day is normative fear. Still, when the loop of thoughts and uneasiness doesn’t end, you fall into an excessive or gen-eralized anxiety disorder.

Tips to help you tackle Anxiety:

  1. Find your trigger

A particular situation or fear triggers Anxiety. For example, if fear of being blank after receiving the question paper is your trigger, take a mock before your final exam. First, prepare your mind to face the situation. Then, when you are already familiar with the paper, you feel confident that overcome the fear.

  1. Fact-check yourself

Anxiety is caused chiefly because of the continuous fear about the expected future. Tamar Chansky, Ph.D., a psychologist, and author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety, says, People with Anxiety often fixate on worst-case scenarios. To distract them from these worries, bring yourself back to reality. So, when the night before your exam, you fear not finishing the syllabus. Reason and inform your-self on the topics you have already covered.

  1. Outsmart yourself

Set a routine with a study buddy. You can procrastinate when you are alone, but it’s hard to ditch others. When you have an acquaintance by your side, you don’t tend to overthink. Instead, focus on the material and use your time more productively.

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  1. Maintain distance with Sugar

Eating healthy is the standard tip you must have received during exams. Eating brainy food lets you focus more. But people tend to reach to their comfort food in the time of uneasiness. So don’t grab that chocolate bar. According to the study by Chansky, it can harm you more.

  1. Don’t switch time-zone

Natalie Goldberg, quoted “Stress is an ignorant state. It believes everything is an emergency.” Be in the present. We still aren’t developed to have a time machine and see the future. Devote your focus to present and the work that can be done in the time zone you currently are.

Take help from others. Exams aren’t the only cause of Anxiety. The bundle of Anxiety that had to be finished before you start your preparation does the same. Let Assignment Incubator aid your assignments.

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