Article Writing Hacks Students Must Know

If you are a student, you know the importance an article holds in keeping your grades up. But there are times when despite having a topic, a deadline, and all other needed instructions, you still find it challenging to create a piece that would satisfy both you and your teacher.
Well, article writing may not be a piece of cake, but it is not that difficult task too. In this blog, we have curated some simple yet very effective hacks that can help you get rid of writer’s block and let you create a magnificent piece to shoot up your grades:

Read A Lot
Reading is not really a hack but a practice that every student must carry out. Reading your peers’ works can help you understand the type of content your educator might be looking for in your article. Also, reading lets you explore a wide array of writing styles. While reading you may find some excellent pieces and some that could have been better. This simple comparison is like a brainstorming session making you better at differentiating useful articles from the not-so-good ones, thereby preventing you from making the same mistake.

Avoid Wikipedia
This may sound a little odd, but Wikipedia is not always an apt source of obtaining information. You can use the platform to read and explore more details but not to use the information as a reference in your articles. In case you are willing to use the info given on Wikipedia, try and look for references mentioned in the page’s footnote. Use these references to cross-check the data and then use it in your articles.

Never Start without an outline
When you have completed all the research and have a fair idea of what to write, it is highly advisable to start creating a blueprint of your article. Create a flow chart or a mind map on a piece of paper to ensure the way your article must look. You may also mention or highlight the answer you need from your article. This simple method will create a framework of your article, making it very easy for you to create a connecting flow.

Take Help
The world has become digital, tons of tools are available online to improve your writing, and we recommend using some. But remember, do not rely on the tools entirely, they may be able to find out the typos or correct your grammar, but your article’s essence is decided only by you. For increasing your productivity, try using tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway, Copyscape, and more.

Print to Proofread
When you have created an article, and it is time to proofread, we recommend taking out a printout and read the entire content line by line. Not only it helps you concentrate, but you will be able to find mistakes that even your computer could not.

Article writing can be fun and very interesting if done in the right manner. We hope that these hacks will prove to be very useful for you. However, if you are unable to complete your articles, Assignment Incubator can be a helping hand.

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Looking for Writers for your assignment?

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