Best Universities for Nursing in Australia

Want to study nursing? Read about the 4 top universities in Australia you must apply to.

Nursing is the field of medicine that walks by the side of patients to the healthy tomorrow. Nurses are considered the backbone of the system that is equally responsible as doctors for patients’ health. The profession has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. About 48% growth is expected to be seen in the future as per the physicians’ office stats between the years 2008-2018.

According to the NHWA – National Health Workforce Account from 191 Member States and progress in reaction to the projected shortfall of nurses by 2030. After experiencing the pandemic – the demand in the field has increased.

Let’s meet the demand of the hour. But handling the struggle and anxiety while looking up for schools is the headache – I like to avoid. If you are on the page, we are here to ease your pain. Continue reading to get all the data you will need to apply.


Here are the Top 4 Universities in Australia – You should apply.

  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

The 1988 founded university in Sydney is ranked at number one, according to the QS Top Universities Rankings 2020, and ranked seventh globally. The University of Technology Sydney has over 100 clinical facilities across New South Wales that open the door to the professional growth of students.

  •  The University of Sydney

Second, on the list is the University of Sydney Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwives. It is on the rank 13th globally and is suited on Mallet Street in Camperdown. The school provides practical learning to the students with the available courses like:

  • Bachelors of Arts/ Masters of Nursing
  • Bachelors of Science /Master of Nursing
  • Bachelors of Science (Health)/Master of Nursing

  • Monash University

Ranked third on the list in Australia and 14th globally – Monash University of Melbourne is one of the highest-ranked nursing schools in Victoria. It covers both the campus Clayton and Peninsula campuses. It provides a wide range of options for students in health and medicine. School also offers the opportunity of clinical placement.

  • Deakin University

1974 founded Deakin University is ranked 29th globally and fourth in Australia. The school works intending to provide practical understanding to students. It offers clinical placement in the first trimester as well.

Hope! The tour to some of the best-listed universities helped to choose what you are looking for. There is another blog listing the best colleges for the degree of Psychology. Read to know more.

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