Top 5 Universities you Should Apply in – For the Psychology Major


Psychology is the study of human behavior and the mind. Understanding the complexity of either is abstruse. You require the best assistance to study the duplicity of the human mind and behavior; the insignificant patterns might cause a big mess. A degree in Psychology opens the door to many opportunities – Behaviour Analysts, professors and […]

Binge Environment Centric Documentaries This Weekend!


Take responsibility for the environment in your way. Gather something informative while you are surfing for some entertainment on Netflix. Switch to environment-centric documentaries and take a baby step towards the responsibility you have. At the same time, as you share the home of the future generation. The documentaries will force you to introspect on […]

Manage your Sleep with Exams

Manage your sleep with exam

Sleep is the soft spam of time that helps you relax. I use to think; Sleep was the simplest and easiest thing to get. All you need to do is, close your eyes and think about a good dream. Then you cuddle along the sheets and wake up the following day. But then, Exams followed […]

Student Life In Pandemic

student life in pandemic

There is nothing fictitious in saying that “It has been a hell of a year.” Last year was not less than a roller coaster ride for the human species especially students due to Covid-19. The world has already been through such adversity and faced more dreadful pandemics that are not imprinted on our memory chip. […]