Binge Environment Centric Documentaries This Weekend!

Take responsibility for the environment in your way.

Gather something informative while you are surfing for some entertainment on Netflix. Switch to environment-centric documentaries and take a baby step towards the responsibility you have. At the same time, as you share the home of the future generation.

The documentaries will force you to introspect on the harmful waste you have been producing un-consciously and it’s impact on our Planet.


List of the Must-watch Documentaries:

  1. Our Planet

The documentary displays the repercussions numerous species are dealing with due to climate change. The Voice of David Attenborough in the eight episodes of Our Planet will let you know the reality of the Planet you are breathing on. While you are eating popcorn on the comfortable couch, there are serval species out there struggling to survive. The documentary travels across African Plans and antelope to frozen mountains. It would provide you the experience of the diversity of the Planet.

  1. A Plastic Ocean

The title of the documentary depicts the reality of today. It introduces us to the truth of the deep blue oceans and the plastics we bestowed it. You will know the shocking amount of in-disposable plastics and singular used plastic present in the sea that hampers the ecosystem. While highlighting the truth, Plastic Oceans will also provide you with solutions for the better and hope for a greener tomorrow.

  1. Chasing Coral

The documentary with the great essence of thrill, while you see the number of marine researchers hunting down the leftover coral patches. With Chasing Coral, you will get the first-hand experience of seeing the devastating conditions of the environment due to pollution. The documentary aims to provide the message for the audience that it isn’t too late to step up.

  1. Earth’s Natural Wonders

Ever thought about living in the Artic?
It seems impossible, well, not for people in Earth’s Natural Wonders. The documentary will present you with the humans that have adapted to living in some extreme conditions. The survival of the fittest is the perfect match for it. You will see people overcoming challenging situations to catch another breath.

  1. Sustainable

Farmers are the source to fill the stomach that has been thriving for the food. Sustainable narrates the story of them. It covers the environmental and economic impact on the current agricultural prac-tices. You will see the opinions of farmers and environmentalists working to make a positive change to provide sufficient food to fulfil our hunger.

Binge, what is essential and take a step towards building a better tomorrow. While you consume all the information, dox contribute to building a better future on this conservation day.

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