Manage your Sleep with Exams

Sleep is the soft spam of time that helps you relax. I use to think; Sleep was the simplest and easiest thing to get. All you need to do is, close your eyes and think about a good dream. Then you cuddle along the sheets and wake up the following day. But then, Exams followed up. Exams have an extreme impact on students; it disrupts your sleep cycle. Either you sleep more than usual or sleep deprivation that you face due to constant fear. Which category do you fit?

I was personally sleep-deprived; when I came across my exam schedule, my sleep leaves without saying any goodbyes. Dark circles have made a permanent mark under my eyes; the loop of sleepless nights ends when I wrote my last exam of my second term. Well, that wasn’t a solution. So, I decided to defeat it on one cold morning when the date sheet of my final graduation exams popped up on my phone. Well, it was time to put my foot down to my anxious head. I managed to came across some techniques to defeat it, but in the process, I figured I wasn’t the sole soul that drifts in odd hours.

Number speaks louder

Manage your sleep with time

According to the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), About 60% of students suffer from poor sleep quality. It states that about 27% of all university students are at risk of at least one sleep disorder. Furthermore, previous findings reported that a minimum of 7.7% of students suffers from insomnia and 24.3% from nightmares.

How to sleep better during exams:

1. Schedule your sleep with studies

Remember to schedule your sleep as well. While planning to divide the study material, give yourself some hours to doze off. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Check the signs your body gives you. As it says, “Your eyes water when you yawn because you miss your bed, and it makes you sad.” So, lay down and let your eyes relax.

2. Control your Caffeine intake

Caffeine is addictive but is the foremost reason for the toxic relationship between you and sleep. It was the most challenging thing for me to do. Caffeine is my soulmate; letting it go was a heartbreak for me. But limiting the intake helped me. Caffeine keeps you alert; that’s the primary purpose of the ingredients. It acts as a central nervous system stimulant. You’ll feel more awake and less tired.

3. Don’t take your devices to bed

Okay! I know you are going to ignore this point as you are jugging too quickly. It seems a piece of nonsensical advice that you overhear every day from your parents. But hear me out. Sleep specialist Dr. Whitney Roban states, “ The blue light emitted from electronics tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, and your body decreases the amount of melatonin it secretes, which makes it more difficult to fall asleep.” Thus, it’s crucial to let it go.

4. Keep a check on Diet

Missing your regular meals when the pressure of exams increases. It is the most common thing. In the hassle around, we always forget to provide energy to our bodies. You should consume certain food items like turkey, milk, bananas, and walnuts; all contain tryptophan. They will help you fall asleep. Try eating your meal before 7 pm and take some snacks afterward.

5. Bring meditation into practice

Meditation aids you in practice to slow down your mind by focusing on the breath or a mantra. It can help you improve sleep because it slows down metabolic activity. In addition, meditation is associated with reduced anxiety, and feelings of anxiety can easily keep any student up at night.

When you are together in the war, the possibility to defeat the enemy is more. These techniques helped me manage my sleep with exams. I hope you beat the demon as well.

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