5 Self-Help Books To Take From The Shelf

The common phrase we all might have heard or read but don’t make it applicable is, “ God helps those who help themselves.” Helping yourself should be the priority of all. We all encounter stress on a regular basis, which has a significant impact on the mind. As per the statistics, about 2.5 million Australians suffer from depression. (source Statista) To resolve this evolving issue, the oldest form to resolve any problem is provided in the books. Self-help books aid you in introspecting and will lead you to empathize.

self help books

Here are some of the best Self-help books you must grab from the shelf:

1. The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

This book will help you see beyond the obstacles to achieving what you desire. Dr. Peale has mentioned few techniques in the book to overcome failure with the change of attitude and perspective in the scenario. You can also find some informative ways to boost your confidence. It has a four and a half stars rating at Amazon.

2.  The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck

The words by Mr. Peck pulls the bandage straight off in its beginning itself. The book opens with the harsh reality, “Life is difficult.” Mr. Peck will aid you in finding a piece of your personality you might have lost in the hassle of life. While moving across the words, you will find the difference between dependency and love.  Amazon gave this book a complete five stars rating.

3.  Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

This is my favorite book. Tuesdays with More might not add in the section on self-help, but the lessons Mitch Albom taught us here are worth mentioning here. This book will help you build relationships and will guide you to chase what’s worth pursuing. Our generation runs after the career with a blindfold on, words my Mr. Albom, will help you catch a breath. Amazon’s rating for the book is four and a half stars.

4.  The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book will allow you to encounter your greatest enemy, your mind. Words by Eckhart will lead you to the spiritual journey of finding yourself. While reading the concept of Mr. Tolle, readers will discover the power of the present. This book is rated with four stars by Amazon.

5.  Declutter Your Mind by S.J Scott and Barrie Davenport

Have you ever experienced it? The constant loop of thoughts that are overwhelming and won’t let you sleep peacefully. Negative reviews are common, but when they completely take over, you are off the edge. Declutter Your Mind does what the title states; it will seek the loops with some suggested mind exercises. The books got a four and a half star rating.

You overcome obstacles with baby steps; these books are one-towards it. Follow the simple rule of inhale-exhale, and things will be sought along.

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