Student Life In Pandemic

There is nothing fictitious in saying that “It has been a hell of a year.” Last year was not less than a roller coaster ride for the human species especially students due to Covid-19. The world has already been through such adversity and faced more dreadful pandemics that are not imprinted on our memory chip.

This Covid-19 pandemic appeared out of blue and completely changed the outlook of life. This pandemic resulted in a mess of the mental health of people more than the physical one. Those times had been so traumatic that they completely changed the dynamics of the social interacting traits of the present society.

Pandemic has its own pros and cons. It is just a game of perspective, if the society has a positive view point about these times, then the lessons learnt from this period can eventually be used to tackle the later misfortune.

Being a student in such gloomy times is a whole new experience. The student life attractions, like attending meetings and seminars, connecting with professors and other students and absorbing the world of academics on a beautiful campus are snatched in a blink of an eye. Currently, all the perks of attending schools, colleges, and universities are not experienced by the students instead, they have to attend online classes sitting in the bedrooms. This resulted in the reduced level of motivation.

Initially, it was hard to swallow the closure of educational institutes. Students around the globe just had to understand that this is the time of patience. Moreover, students had to face several difficulties and challenges during those times.

From Lecture Room to the Other Side of the Screen

Hundreds of colleges and universities around the world began the academic year in a remote learning environment, due to pandemic lockdown. Closure of schools and switching of education to online learning was important to prevent the spread of the virus, but experts agree that the change is not that easy. Among the many challenges, from providing food for low-income students to accessing child care for key staff, relying on remote learning and online classes also revealed the deep divisions of the digital world.

Simply put, many students globally live without essential internet services. Switching to digital learning is a challenge, especially for mediocre and less developed areas of the world. The major impact of the online education system during this lockdown on student life is the lack of grooming of students. As some teachers share things with students without teaching them, online tests are sometimes based on the principle of “self-employment,” students do not receive real, long-lasting information and some students have not gotten the opportunity to leave their homes within the two-hour curfew due to their online classes.

student life in pandemic

Some students do not even have the right tools for taking online classes. They lack the electronic devices such as computers, phones, and cameras. Also, some teachers do not take into account the fact that during an online exam, a student might lose internet connection. Unfortunately, when this happens, the student is classified according to the number of questions answered and recorded in the system before the connection is lost. Moreover, students also face the challenge of time management due to online learning.

Lack of Engagement

Maintaining the involvement of children, especially primary school students, is important. School drop-outs are still high in many lands, and prolonged expulsion can lead to further increment. Attending school is not only about learning math and science, but also about social relationships and peer communication. It is about learning, to be a good citizen and developing community skills. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch with the school in any way.

student life in pandemic

For all students, pandemic lockdown was also the time of social and emotional skills development. Moreover, the role of parents and family, which is always extremely important, in this situation is crucial. Therefore, most of the help provided by the education departments should also be given to parents. Radios, TVs, messages can all be used to give tips and advice to them on how to better support their children in the situation of pandemic.

More Frustration, Less Education

The Covid-19 epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to people’s lives, threatening their health, economic status, freedom of movement particularly their social relationships. It is too early to find out how much important and lasting these challenges will be, but we are already seeing a dramatic change in the way people live together in families, social groups, and communities. Ones deepest concern is about the potential impact of the epidemic on the tendency of humans to display aggressive behavior.

student life in pandemic

From a social point of view, there are many “ingredients” of the current state that deserve to be blamed including online classes that confined the students indoors and without being socially interacted, they made students frustrated and aggressive.

Pandemic has dramatically changed the educational environment of millions of universities and students around the world; with foreign students having their unique challenges. Many sudden changes, as well as the relentless onslaught of the epidemic, can create mental health challenges. Foreign students are concerned about the issues such as visa and graduation status, optional training options (OPT) for difficulty finding or canceling, living away from the people you love and not having a strong support network, finding accommodation if the dormitories are closed; and finances (many have lost their jobs and, in some countries, banking services are affected, so families may not be able to send money).

Honestly speaking, coping with the pandemic has not been an easy journey for most of the students around the globe. Currently, we can’t speak anything big about when and how this pandemic will end but if the spirits remain high, then people are capable of changing impossible to possible. In such difficult times, we can only hope for the best, the rest is still a mystery.

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