Tips to Improve Academic Writing

Grab a cup of coffee, put your glasses on, take notes as you read along.

It’s all required, If you follow the words I layout—struggling between grammatical and punctuation errors. Deciding on a sentence that requires a comma or a semicolon is more complicated than opting for a carrier. Well! The problem at hand can be resolved. All you need to do is understand the requirements to write what your professor desires.

Writing has always been my forte. I am a believer in the say, “Pen is mightier than a sword.” Unfortunately, though, fighting with a sword seemed easier in my initial year of graduation. I was struggling to put up with my academic papers. The stacks of assignments build a fort around me, and the desire to impress my professors with my words became a dream. So I Browsed thoroughly and came across some techniques you can follow to enhance your writing.

academic writing

5 Quick Tips to Upgrade your Academic Writing:

1. Don’t beat around the Bush

The foremost tip while you are working on your academic papers. Come straight to the point. Don’t wander off and use descriptive words—state what you want to put forward bluntly. Academic writing should be concise. Reports, thesis, essays are all set with the term limits, inked that in your brain.

  • No descriptive flowery words
  • Avoid repetition of information
  • Use more Action verb – lose the zombie noun out. A simple way to avoid using too many words is to shun the ‘tion’: instead of ‘We carried out an exploration, say ‘We explored.’ Helen Sword, an expert on academic writing and author of the book Stylish Academic Writing, has given this technique.

2. Be the first person in your paper

Academic writing is defined as professional communication. However, it is judged quickly to be boring. While writing, you do require to choose correct words but adding your perspective is equally important. Thus, write in the first person. Active voice is more applicable to make content precise and clear.

3. Don’t Chop your sentence

Yes! Lengthy sentences are difficult to read. But chopping your sentence disrupts the readers to continue the scenario, making the paper too wordy.

  • Instead of cutting your sentences too – “ Servant mopped the floor. It was very dirty. She made it shine like a mirror.”
  • There are many ways to write it; you can choose this as well – “ Servant mopped the dirty floor and made it shine like a mirror.”

4. Lookout for punctuation

Simple punctuations make quite a difference, and we take it lightly. Punctuations frame the sentences and provide a tone. It’s the common mistake everyone happens to make. As in regular communication, we don’t practice it. While focusing on academic papers, take them seriously.
Most common misused punctuations:

  • The colon (:) – It is used to preside the list or add excitement to the tone.
  • Semi-colon (;) – Used to separate complementary sentences.

5. Be familiar with Vocabulary

Instead of hopping for jargon and synonyms, use words you are familiar with. The big fancy words might make your paper decorative but could lead to unreliable content. We make a common mistake while using a synonym – if the meaning isn’t precise as the sentence, it could change the entire range. So! Don’t dodge with fancy words.

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