Tips to Make your Resume Powerful

Resumes are a mirror reflection of what you want others to pursue. Based on the portal of your personality, you might get shortlisted for the job you dreamt of working for. Most resumes are in a monotonous manner.  Each individual has different aspects in his personality; make sure your resume doesn’t look a duplicate.

Make an impact while applying for the jobs; highlight yourself before you enter the interview room.

Keep these pointers in mind while writing your resume:

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1. Catch The Keywords

Keywords are the side characters to make you the protagonist of the story. Make sure you keep them along. To get the best ones by your side., Read the job postings descriptively. You can find your best side characters under the column “Requirements” or “Qualifications.”  Add the suitable keywords n your resume under the experience or skills sections.

With this step, you will be the perfect match for the job, and I guarantee you will be shortlisted for an interview. 

2.  Read Before You Write

Study numerous resumes from the industry you want to work in before you write yours. While reading example resumes of the particular industry, pick up some notes that caught your eye. Learn from others’ mistakes, and don’t repeat yours. You will figure out the monotonous speech everyone follows; make sure your resume doesn’t follow the voice.

3. Keep It Easy To Read

Keep your content easy to read. All the information should be presented straightforwardly. Employers have minimum time while reviewing resumes. Thus all the data should be consumed while they go through yours. It also means you need to keep your font professional and clean.

Keep a note: You do have to add keywords in the resume but avoid using jargon.

4. Make It Brief

It is the tricky part; you need to be innovative. The selection of information should be precise. Content in your resume should be brief yet in summarised form. The trick to do climb this hill is –

  • Keep basic information in summarised form.
  • Keep your experience descriptive.

This way employer will gain more information about you descriptively in a short time.

5.  Add Numbers

Numbers always speak louder than words; include merits in the experience section. This way, employers will understand the value you may bring to the positions.

For example, one bullet point under the experience description for an administrative assistant read, “Executed processing of vendor contracts and implemented a standardized process, reducing contract discrepancies by 90%.”

Didn’t it add an impact? Create this in your resume describing your experience.

6. Speak In Active Voice

Well, not literally. But do write your resume in an active language without any irrelevant words. 

It means using power words such as “achieved,” “earned,” “completed,” or “accomplished.” Suppose your resume is too long or seems complicated to read. In that case, you should consider making sentences shorter or ideas more concise.

7. Highlight Significant Achievements

Everyone adds their job duties in the experience section; instead of that, add your top four or three significant achievements in each role. Also, you might want to add a different “Achievements” or “Skills” section to highlight your relevant work, either in education, career, volunteer work, or other experiences.

8. Proofread And Edit

It is the most important tip, do not forget to proofread or edit your resume before sending it ahead. Undergo several rounds of proofreading to ensure no mistakes. While several proofreading programs and tools you can use, it is also helpful to ask trusted friends or colleagues to review your resume. It is beneficial for an objective third party to look at your resume as an employer might find ways to correct or improve it.

Go! Head and write down a powerful resume to create an impact. The job you have been keeping an eye on, make it yours now.

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