Top 5 Universities you Should Apply in – For the Psychology Major

Psychology is the study of human behavior and the mind. Understanding the complexity of either is abstruse. You require the best assistance to study the duplicity of the human mind and behavior; the insignificant patterns might cause a big mess.

A degree in Psychology opens the door to many opportunities – Behaviour Analysts, professors and researchers, Therapists, Counselors, Industrial psychologists, and what not. 

If Psychology is the career path you opt to pursue. Do look into the following universities for your majors. Times Higher Education has released a ranking of over 533 Universities this year featuring 47 countries for a Psychology degree.


Top 5 Best Universities to pursue Psychology:

1. Stanford University

The University suited in California had Psychology as one of the initial departments established at the institute. It provides undergraduate and graduates programs with further emphasis on research training. University has five departments on different variants covering all significant domains like:

  • Affective science,
  • Neuroscience,
  • Cognitive psychology,
  • Social psychology and
  • Developmental psychology.

Research is carried out in areas including addictive behaviours, psychopathology and risk, and stereotyping.

2. Princeton University

The private Ivy League University in New Jersey had won one Nobel prizewinner and six distinguished Contributions Awards from the Association for Psychological Science. The University follows a preparatory program for a Ph.D. It lets graduate study precisely focus on systems neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, perception and cognition, personality and social psychology, and physiological psychology.

The department is also closely affiliated with the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, which fosters neuroscience and psychological function research. Provides students the opportunity to expand their horizons.

3. University College London (UCL)

The prominent University College London has the largest department of Psychology and Language Science division in the entire UK. The graduates at the University are eligible to become members of the British Psychology Society as they accredit an undergraduate program.

For a Master’s degree, University offers 20 options in topics including business psychology, neuroscience, decision science, and human-computer interaction.

4. University of California, Berkeley

The public land-grant University in Berkeley is the University of California. It allows students to focus on areas they are interested in, both graduate or undergraduate programs. It undertakes research in areas including development, cognition, social-personality, and cognitive neuroscience, among others. 

5. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is the private research University that established its Psychology department in 1893. Many unique opportunities are offered to students’ invariant programs.

For the Undergraduate program, courses are centered on theory and research opportunities. In Undergraduate research initiative, department aim to provide students opportunity in their field of interest. Many research-related events are offered on-campus, like workshops, webinars, informal sessions.

The Ph.D. programs are also popular. Students can choose between four research areas: cognition, developmental psychology, integrative neuroscience, or social psychology. 

Visit the website of each University to gain further information. Make your future; start preparing for tomorrow now to make it better and brighter. The universities mentioned above are best recommended if Psychology is the career you want to opt for.

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