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Pack your bags and get set go!

Are you confused about which place to study in? The paranoid state and stress before getting ad-mitted to any university is the Story of every student. I experienced sleepless nights and a bucket full of anxious thoughts. But the pressure in the present should not pursue you to make an impulsive decision. Catch a breath, take a moment and gather some information that would suit you to choose wisely.

I know with the Pandemic. Everything has become stagnant other than time. Tomorrow won’t wait for the virus to end; we have to move forward. Take your decisions now for the future. Admissions in the university might get delayed as the structure and pattern were disturbed in the past year. But it would be best if you were prepared first-hand. Choose for yourself the best destinations to study abroad, ranked officially by

Best Destinations are:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. Germany
  4. United States
  5. United Kingdom
Top destinations to study abroad

Choose One that Suits You

1. Canada

The North American country is ranked the top place to study. It prevailed 81.80 scores when ranked among the students. It has been leading on the list for the past two years.
The country has some of the best universities like:

– University of Toronto
– Queens University
– University of British Columbia
– University of Alberta

Reasons to opt for Canada :

  • Academic Excellence : Provincial government in the country takes a strict eye on the quality of education. Irrespective of any university or college, education in Canada is ensured to be of high quality.
  • Affordable: The tuition fees are comparatively cheap than other renowned universities. Also, the place has pretty good work opportunities. Availability of scholarships decreases the expenses fur-ther.
  • Diversity: The cultural diversity and welcoming people is cherry on top. The dominant language is French and English among the citizens.

2. Australia

The country is considered a hub for students to get their degrees. Australia scored 81.07 among the rankings. Best universities get in Australia:

– University of Melbourne
– University of Sydney
– Monash University
– Australian National University

Reasons to opt for Australia :

  • Accessible Student Visa : Compared to other countries, student visa in Australia is quite accessi-ble. There are several requirements, but the procedure is streamlined.
  • Hub of best Universities : There are about 43 universities in Australia. Two of them are interna-tional, one is private, and the remaining forty are Australian.
  • Get your combination : Australian university provides students free will to choose their major. Opt for your variety.

3. Germany

The land with two millennia of History is among the top three with an 80.84 score. Germany is con-sidered the third-best to study. Foremost Universities to get in:

– Technische Universität München
– Ludwig Maximilian University
– Heidelberg University
– Humboldt University

Reasons to opt for Germany :

  • No Tuition Fee : There is no tuition fee in 11 out of 16 universities in Germany. The remaining require a maximum of 500€ per year.
  • Allowed to stay : After graduation, students are allowed to stay for a year.
  • Minimum Cost of living : Average Cost of residence, including food, rent, transport, study material, health insurance, etc., is about 700-800€.

4. The United States

Hegemony in the past and partially in the future, the United States is fourth on the list with a 78.56 score. Best universities:

– Stanford University
– Harvard University
– Columbia University
– Princeton University

Reasons to opt for United States :

  • Renowned Universities : The land has the most prominent universities. From Stanford to Princeton, all are situated in the United States.
  • Career Opportunity : The degree by the university of US automatically broadens the horizon of job opportunities.
  • Opportunities to Research and Train: Universities offer numerous research and training opportunities to provide students the on-field experience.

5. United Kingdom

North-Western Europe is the top five destinations most suited for students to study. It scored 78.23 in the ranking. Some of the best Universities:

– University of Oxford
– University of Cambridge
– Imperial University
– London University

Reasons to opt for United Kingdom :

  • Shorter Degree : The spam of completing degree see is rude. In the UK, you can finish your undergraduate degree in 3 years and masters in a year.
  • Opportunity to explore more : While studying in the UK, you can explore the mainland of Europe. You can explore different countries and languages through train rides.
  • Most extensive Library in the world : You can enjoy the largest Library in the world, London. The British Library is also close by.


What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your passport and fill in the forms. Grasp knowledge and experience from the best destination to study. 

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