Terms And Conditions

Please go through the following terms of use carefully before using our assignment help ser-vices:
  1. We are not liable for any interruptions or delayed access to the website due to any technical prob-lems/ site maintenance or update. However, we would ensure that you can communicate with us using alternative channels for communication.
  2. We are not responsible for any data loss from your computer once we have delivered the As-signment to your Email.
  3. We are not responsible if the students fail in their assignments as help with homework is a sub-jective matter. However, we ensure that we hire only the best subject matter experts for your as-signments
  4. If you receive grades not as expected, revisions can be done free of cost if there had been some mistakes from the assignment writing experts. However, no refund will be made for the same as the assignment solution once delivered is considered as the product sold to the student.
  5. The price shown on the automatic checkouts is an approximate value of the Assignment. In case of no word count / technical assignments, you will get the actual Expert's fee post order confir-mation, if required.
  6. The terms and conditions are subject to revision periodically. We advise you to keep yourself updated with the latest version of the T&Cs.
Order Revision Terms and Conditions
  1. This Policy is not applicable for assignment orders that are related to technical subjects.
  2. This Policy is not applicable for lengthy assignments. The protracted nature of the Assign-ment is the discretion of the Assignment Incubator.
  3. Your revision request will not be entertained if incomplete information is provided at the beginning while making the initial order.
  4. Your specified time duration will only start once we receive your payment.
  5. Your availability for any kind of communication during your revision period is mandatory.
  6. Under one revision cycle, only one set of revision instructions can be entertained at a time. Any extra information provided afterward will be counted in another revision cycle.
Partial Payment Guidelines
  1. Assignment Incubator does not entertain partial payment. In case of exceptions, additional charges based on assignment type would be levied to avail partial payment services.
  2. Final work shall not be delivered unless complete payment for the work has been received.
  3. Refund requests for partial payment shall not be entertained under any scenario. The client is liable to pay the remaining amount. In case the draft provided is unsatisfactory, amendments can be done as per the amendment guidelines.
  4. When the client refuses to take delivery of the work, Assignment Incubator is not liable to refund any amount collected and is authorized to secure the remaining payment as it in-volves the Expert's fee.
  5. Any refund for partially paid orders shall be processed as per the Refund policy.
Value-added Services
  1. All assignments provided by Assignment s Incubator are accompanied by a Turnitin report to ensure plagiarism-free work.
  2. In the case of online Turnitin Generator services, the report shall be delivered to the regis-tered mail id/student portal within 24 hours from availing services.
  3. In reference generator service, the file shall be delivered to the registered mail ID/student portal within 24 hours from availing services.
  4. In proofreading and editing, the turnaround time is subjective to the nature of the Assign-ment. It can take up to 72 hours, depending upon the workflow.